🖥️ Demo

🖥️ Demo

All written functions can be tested on the GeoStyler Demo. Also checkout the geostyler-demo repo for the same.

🎨 Getting familiar with the UI

Geostyler Demo is a very easy to use, interactive web app which allows users to start testing capabilities of the GeoStyler library without installing it.

There are various components to it as follows


1. Language

Geostyler demo UI can be translated in 5 different languages

  • EN - English
  • DE - German
  • ES - Spanish
  • 中文 - Mandarin
  • FR - French

2. Compact

Toggling this changes the UI for Graphical Editor 7️⃣ into 2 different modes. Please note that from functionalities stand point it will not make any difference.

Here are both modes

Compact mode


Expanded mode


3. Symbolizer Renderer

Currently, Geostyler supports Openlayers and SLD rendering of symbols. Changing this setting will reflect the way symbols are rendered in the Graphical Editor


4. Load Style

This allows users to import existing SLD created using Geoserver, QGIS, etc in the application.

Once loaded, users can make changes if required or visualize it as it is.

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